Our History

AES Repair and Construction company has been carrying out quality work in the field of construction of residential buildings, houses, cottages for its customers for 16 years, as well as repair, design, and engineering work.

Our main goal is providing high quality customer service and the best presentation of everything they previously dreamed of. The company's work is based on an individual approach and mutual understanding with the Client at all stages of project implementation.

As an AES construction company, our specialists provide you with the apartment, office, etc. you want with great pleasure. Our company carries out a full range of works, from the preparation of topographic and geological maps of the construction site to the construction of excavations and roofing, interior and exterior design of houses and offices specified in the project.

We repair houses and offices in accordance with high quality standards in a short time. The repairs are professionally performed and handed over by our staff according to your taste. After the repair, general cleaning and kitchen furniture are presented to our customers by our company.

AES uses German technology and foreign experience. The materials used meet world standards and are distinguished by their quality and beauty. We have more than 300 completed projects in our arsenal. Our professionals are always ready to undertake any project and implement even the most complex ideas of our clients.

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